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How to Save Real Money, really, as a result of low cost weatherization.   Here is the how-to make your own insulation, which really works, for residence or hotel, or business, or apartments, or workshops, which totally, really, works.   This cost me only $135.69 in 2010 and, in 2011.  It saved me, $398/Yr. USD, I would have had to pay for electrical or gas, otherwise, even with rate
increases, in 2010.  With other rate increases, in 2011, I saved $534/Yr USD, I would have had to pay in electrical costs, and I did not have to insulate twice, nor buy more insulation in 2011.  

I put the "actual billing statements" and "expanded dollars and cents - of monthly billings in large numbers" so that everyone can really see 
clearly, how much it was really costing me.  Monopoly Utility companies are killing businesses and residences with their "frame-up" prices, and false claims, and high costs.  In this case, Avista(the utility monopoly for Eastern Washington State and Puget Sound Energy(utility monopoly) for the Western Side of the State, are supposed to be regulated by the Fed and the State.  However whenever they need to raise the rates in the Winter of the Year, they just apply to the Fed and the State and raise the rates.  You call that regulation?    But the point is, there is nothing you and I can do to stop rates going up.  But we can weatherize more effectively and change how we do energy to lower costs more than two thirds, what it would be without weatherization.  Further we can make our own solar, and portable wind-turbines, and walk away from the monopolies entirely, with our own renewable energy.  Remember, that currently there is no Federal law, that says "You can't "Not" Do Pollution, You can't "Not" Do Your own portable renewable energy.)
05 - 31 -2012 - Update - Spokane, WA - USA.
"Green Insulation" and Mini-Ice Age Update

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Two new domain sites:
(contains 25 different language translations of the popular blog) 
(is the newest insert into about a potential future profitable business, in cleaning up the world's oceans, creating jobs for all, no experience necessary, solving drought problems now and future, and providing drinking water.  $29.9 Million USD/yr, for starters for a small business and up to $299 Billion for a much larger business, per year.  And this is not the limit.

Future-Thursday-2pm Edition Three(3) - RMFees - 04-19-2012.
"Distilling the World's Oceans for Fun and Profit"

04 - 12 - 2012 - UpDated - RMFees - USA.

A whole new set of blogroll subjects about the hypothetically "greening" of the world's businesses, and of course, the profit of it,
greater than you thought possible.  Based in reality. Come and See.


03 - 23 - 2012 -  UpDate - RMFees - USA.

The newest blog is here, at wordpress.  Find out about the modern gold mining fields available in Washington State National Forests, and learn how foreign and domestic tourists
can mine and profit from America's gold.
Check it out today.  KNOW THE TRUTH... 

...may change your point of view about making money in the USA.  Free legal mining forms, are on the wordpress blog for users, until deletion, sometime after gold mining seasons, open in the usa.

New projected plan, is that this author's wordpress blog, at: will be updated with new
Global Green Re-Evolve topics, by Every 
Thursday 2:00 PM/PDT  

02 - 12 - 2012 - UpDate - RMFees - USA.

Considering the current world weather, and the current world
global rescue operations crisis, I believe you can all understand
me, when I am saying that it is nobody's fault, in particular, that
specific markets, namely mining, is hard-affected by this frozen
weather in La Nina Areas on Earth.  Eventually this will affect
all the metals markets, including the Gold and Silver, Platinum,
and Palladium, and Stannous Chloride(tin), bauxite ore(aluminum), and other trace elements, markets. Some of these minerals, are used in superconductors, and electrical markets, while most are used in hard metal industries, of building, and automotive.  A few somewhere between several hundred million usd and several hundred billion usd, is allocated to nutritionals minerals, which is coming from roughly the same place as other minerals.  You can roughly guestimate on your own, that precious metals bullion will be adversely affected by this weather, until the weather mellows, if ever.  You can roughly estimate, that most metals markets will take at least a 10-15% hit, on the decline, as a result of cold weather, prevents mining.
As a result of La Nina affects displacement of persons, and damages to persons and property, you can somewhat expect,
an increase in housing manufacturing costs, due to excessive cold
against the raw resources of the industry, plus supply and demand, and a decrease in capital gains from the insurance companies which have to pay off on claims.   As a result of the austerity measures in Portugal and Greece, you can guestimate that Police Munitions and Prevention systems, and Prison and Court Systems, and all supplies and services adding unto it, will go up in costs and incomes, to prevent "Overthrow".  You can probably guestimate the next countries on your own, which will back off, short of bankruptcy to prevent themselves sliding down the cliff with other austerity nations. You can figure out what their major profits are in, and where their major losses will be, and as a result, you know where to put your money.  You look at WHY Greece, does such extremes austerity plans, on the one hand, and totally over-extendly overspends on the other hand, and what it is that Greece is trying to protect, of its overspending, that it continues to push greater austerity, to prevent bankruptcy.  Then you ask, what is the use?  Eventually, too much austerity will drive the people to violence, and potential
overthrow of governments, which forces governments to use more money toward self protection, which takes away from their over spending past times, which causes them to default, which drops the market for everyone.   So, you all just look at this, your selves.  You do not have to be an economic forecaster, to figure 
out these simple things.  Austerity to prevent bankruptcy, is the first and last indication, that the world economic rules of pre and post cold war days, haven't been working yet, and that it is time to re-vamp the entire, system, possibly forgive everyone's world debt, have World Nations Debt Counselling Month, and start over again.  And bankers, what will you say?  Aggghhhhhhhh!
Well if the countries go under, financially, the Bankers are as 
dead in the pale, as they, and with the collateral as a few swamps
here and there....really, who are you all fooling.     You have all in times of prosperity, told all of us, that we must inventory, everything we do, with a keen eye to throw out everything of our inventory which does not work, and does not sell.  Now, the large nations, are being told, that they are re-told and re-tweeted to 
do the same, as their previous lectures, and to practice as they 
preach.  The world of their citizens, will neither do as they say, nor do as they do.  Beware to all governments and all nations.  As you must know by now.... The Will of the People is unstoppable.

Portal dot fin, has already been given, and has the best portfolio of the All Portfolio News of Finances in it, more than most places.  Yet for wealth it is said, that in good times or bad, 
Van Camps or Oppenheimer Holdings, both yielding 20%-30% per year in interest on Capital Investments (almost as good as compounded daily).

Therefore, expect that currently, the normal and regular market will adversely be affected slightly, as a result of bad weather, which affects displacement of persons, and cities, and slows down the machine of industry, and drops prices due to creature habits, and weather conditions.  The normal growth upward in the Ordinary Market to Easter Sunday, as the Biggest Sales Day of the Year in the USA, at least, will now be hampered by this turn of events which this La Nina System, has provided.  So, probably expect about a 5% or slightly great loss of capital gain in sales, by Easter Sunday, due to weather conditions, and a loss of capital gain(5-15%), in austerity markets due to creature habit failures, selectively only is specific regions of the world, affected, and by rescue operations and human being and property displacement, which is both a function of bad weather, and taking numbers of persons out of play, which are otherwise productive.  Therefore expect that, specifically, the weather is going to play a large role in pulling down world economies.  

Two years ago, I said, to start going portable solar.  Get making
and buying windforce and solar portable packs, whose energy systems, can power small heaters, and stoves, and hand held lights.  Get crank electric, battery powered lights, and whatever works.  Get off crude oil and get to solar and windforce portable.
You all need it now.  Something this simple will help you do more, with less, and you don't have to pay city utiliites, any more.
This is what is needed in geophysical disaster  which happens many places.  Also get solar and windforce portable, solar distilled water systems.  If Kosovo hit the UK as a weather system, or Greece, or France, or Netherlands, or Sweden, you would all need these same things.  This is the 21st Century??? 
Where are these simple tech necessities, then?  Don't let greed deny the market of necessity, in the old place of crude. 

This finally brings it to, what my person, was has been saying, on outside blogs, that the Concepts of World Economy, should "DELETE" the notion that money is part of any economy of rescue operations or goods during rescues, or any part of disasters, because, you look at this world of change, and see all the floods, volcanic disruption, tsunamis, hurricanes, and cyclones, and avalanches, and sudden change to bad weather, and you look at world weather the way it was in 2011, and you see that it is getting progressive worse, for the last five consecutive years.  And in some places new records for extreme weather have already occurred recently, greater than ever before.  The point being, is that as you count money in terms of global disasters, which the Earth can make, well, this Earth can create infinite disasters, more that human race can make infinite money.  World Natural Disasters will tear down world economy everywhere, if you all dealing with disasters, to be part of insurance, and otherwise, money systems, instead of treat it as just absorbing loss, helping out, and doing what you have. All supplies used at the time, are out of play in the Game of World Economy, and all Volunteers, and Jobs in Rescue are unpaid in terms of capital, and instead you get clothes, and food and shelter, and maybe a few extra snacks, movie tickets, and the like, and not cash.   You must face this issue of weather.  Eventually,
Nature Wins.

For the most part, I personally, do not know if you can attribute all this earth disaster from underwater, upward, and earthquakes and volcanoes and tsunamis to "global warming by pollution".  Therefore, my pesonal perspective is that we are diving into the beginning of the iceage of the future on Earth.  It does not come on, all of a sudden, but slowing, a little bit at a time.  

It might be noted, that one of the items which has preceded this sudden wave of cold spells on Earth, has been some very enormous and gargantuan spectacles of meteors or comets, coming into our atmosphere and burning up, crackling and popping and finally exploding into a shower of pieces which burned out before the viewer's eyes.  Many of such images were caught by observatories nearly 500 miles away, stating that the magnitude of light was of great brilliance.  Closer at hand, within only ten miles, described the event as like a white plasma like object, the size of the waning moon.  Its actual size was estimated to be about the size of a large car or bus.

Here is the thing about it though.  (1) These objects are (-)350 degrees FarenHeit below zero FarenHeit.  As they are being burned up by atmosphere hitting it, these extremely cold objects are also cooling down our world atmosphere, at enormous rates of intensity, very quickly, and burning up the oxygen, also, as in friction, at a time, it is not so quickly replaceable by growing plants, pulls the temperature down, even colder.  Surely, simple physics can enlighten us all, in terms of us being like unto freshman in highschool, therefore, please, not to complicated!!!

I wrote much information about Iceages and 
Weather of the Future .      Then, as you see, I wrote most of this, according to the latter link, around 2001, 2002, and 2004.  I discovered much about how magnetic fields of a universal nature
affected planets, to make changes.  The /Earth2021AD website
went into details about how quanta worked like a clock, so tightly, that it was possible to figure out long range weather, for ten to one hundred years in advance of today.  Additionally, it was possible to figure backwards to advanced ages of the past, accurately, in relationship to artifacts, archeological, paleolithic,
and global other pre-crisis times.

My best at this time, to assist in the world crisis, is limited to the
internet, information like this, and whatever I can put together, in my own disability.   Here is a website, that I have been working on just recently, which I hope will be useful, to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and World elsewheres, in what I could put together, from the web, online, in this 21st Century Health web
site, for Homelessness, Seniors, and others.  It is not fully complete.  Yet it is a start.   Please use all links to help yourselves
in need, and others use this website, to help others you know.

Thank you for reading this blog.  I hope this is helping in this world, today, and tomorrow, and next month. 

02 - 04 - 2012 - UpDate - RMFees - USA.

Thanks Tumblr & Wordpress & World Bloggers & Creative
Artists Guilds, for ending SOPA/PIPA.
Urgently Need Your Attention to this New Blog/Tumblr

02-03-2012 - Update - RMFees - Spokane WA - USA   
Cancer removed. Surgery successful. Cancer Survivor, again.

Occupy & 99% - Wordpress - Update 02-03-2012 - RMFees

Newest Updates - Soon - [Note: Hold Updates: 01-20 to 01-30]

01-20-2012 - Science8o8's Author/

In Hospital to remove Lung Cancer.    Stop. 

Gone for 10 days.   Stop.    Back to Work, later.    Stop.

Prayers now.    Stop.    Money, later.    Continue.

01-18-2012 - Doom -->> SOPA/PIPA ->> Protect Your Rights!
Update - Spokane WA - USA - Interplanetary Rights

Start using  "(c) All Global and Interplanetary Rights" with all your creative work.  Interplanetary will be within your lifetime.  Get prepared, NOW!

01 - 18 - 2012 - USA 
Robert's Newest Website Translates into 23 Languages
1a) Top Stories

01-12-2012 - Update - Spokane, WA - USA.
[RMFees re-structuring for the push to the New Wave]
1.] Wordpress - UpDate - EuroZone Must Restructure
2.] Xanga - Update - Short Review of Recent Post
3.] LiveJournal - Update - Science8o8 - Eleven(11) Languages
4.] Tumblr -Update - Science8o8 & Gimp/Windows7 Variety
5.] - Nature Wins
01 - 04 - 2012 - UpDate - Spokane, WA - USA 
Wordpress (#3) Janr 3, 2012.
 *** Plastic Credit and Video are Dead - When Oil Goes Out!
You betta get prepared....
Wordpress (#2) Dec. 20, 2011.
***Eco-Friendly Business, Gains Momentum: 2012 

Xanga (#1) Dec. 10, 2011.
*** Brace yourselves for Bad Weather: 2012 

** USA- side of the World
** New Zealand and Japan, 2012, prepare for worst case
** Remember When the Sol System wasn't in the Milky Way?

Newest - updates - USA & World & Interplanetary
And Problems Made by Mankind
(USA & Other Nations)
** Chem Trails Must End - Video: Spokane, WA(2011)

LiveJournal(#1) Dec. 20-25, 2011.
1b)   Is Arab Spring, Modern Russia, today?  

2)    Current Online Issues for Jobs
eBlogger (#201)  01-04-2012
1c)  Work Online, Legitimately  [Get a Free Website] (Not Religious Info)

Future Markets
(USA & Interplanetary)   (Not Trends)
1d) Guerilla Warfare against Big & Corrupt Big Business 

Future Now Civilizations (Mars is bound to be Next)
eBlogger (#202, #203)
** one(1) NASA Problem Solved    update 01-04-2012
Entertainment: Past & Present  (Listen online with this link)
** EP 100 - Isaac Assimov 1940's Article "NightFall" - Audio
Space Time Software Mechanical CAD
** Parallel - Rendering Online For You
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Earthquake Theory by RMFees c. 2010. USA.

New Information: Warning!!!   The Global Market 
01-01-2011   to   06-01-2011   to   12-31-2011 

June 2011!  The Gold Market and Silver Market is taking a dive.  Fortunately, the American and Japanese and European Stock Markets will normally take a dive in June any year, because business will be investing its profits after Easter, into summer sales expenses for making and marketting products and services.  

This year, unfortunately, the Market will not come up, after the July 4th, American Holiday, and The July 5th, Canadian Holiday.  Please be watchful.

Move your moneys and securities into fixed rate, and tax free holdings where possible.  Diverify into long term securities and markets, which will always be in good financial shape, when markets are bad, such as consultant markets and other services, which repair bad finances and bad debts in colsolidated businesses with secured and unsecured accounts receivable, still outstanding.

Invest in loan companies which are solid.  However, stay free of wild cat loan sharks and Heavy trading for risky but wealthy large banking corporations.

Invest your business capital directly into small and medium size businesses, off the market, and directly as business and business venture capital with less than 11% paybacks on return.  Settle for steady payment returns that keep you and them financially alive.  Don't listen to any government world wide deals for speculative arrangements.

DO NOT INVEST IN OIL DEALS.  Talk to petroleum geologists, and get the full scoop.  do not talk with the geologists of Oil companies or Texaco, Alaskan Oil, Venezuela, Arabia or others.  They are being paid a fortune to "lie through their teeth". 

Consult Donald Trump Enterprises(USA) and Virgin Mobile Enterprises(UK), for what they are doing to stay afloat in uncertain markets.

Be cautious about barter and trade markets, yet remember, these were the first markets to succeed in most places, before the stock market was invented.

This is not a paid writing by anyone, and the author of this information is not being hired by anyone to write this information.

Expect the market to end lower in October 31, 2011, than $950.00 ounce USD for gold.

Governmentally.  Do not add more money into an ailing market, or a dropping market.  Avoid the temptation to stimulus the market with more funds.  Its temporary fix will not work, to prevent the market fall.  Oil prices will be up higher than normal before years end of 2011, possibly as much as $7.10.99 USD in some places. [as of May 25, 2011....note how
high the price of oil is today!!!   

Ja! Ja!  well...what did you think?  

Like maybe you thought I was kidding?!  

So, this time, I am not schoking!  So, listen up. Gets your investing right, PDQ, cause the worst hasn't hit you yet.  Also, beware of all investments you may have been thinking about, in Canada, near the NE MANITOBA, Churchhill and 500 miles in any direction.  This is likely to be pretty close to the New Arctic Circle, since the global shift has happened, that this same author told you about.  

Oh yeah, and by the way, there is not going to be any last days of the World.  

So, there is no excuse you can be using, not to pay attention to this good information.

Stop investing in the Wisconsin cheese industry, when it looks
like all the cheese will freeze.  But if you want to invest in the snow-shovelling industry, before it changes to ice-year around, that may be a good idea.  Get the drift?  Was that a coin, on words?

If it gets colder....consider the ice business.  On the other hand, considering the pollution in the Great Lakes, forget, the ice business. 

Instead, find where the market or non-market will pay you, 
or move on.

Don't let the debt problems of the World Market 
swallow all your profits.

Second Edition: August 9th, 2011. Spokane, WA. USA.
I wrote this information, above, in January 2011, and sent it to USA Domestic Financing Department and told them to send it to Homeland Security.   Did they even suspect, that this blog would be that correct, about the times, ahead???   Probably not, and you know what, me, neither!!

Times ahead.

Don't panic, is always a good idea.  Right now, is a good idea, to understand, this, and have an alternate mode, other than panic.
On the other hand, prepare for the worst.  


Try to think clearly, about an alternate possibility.  Remember that there is more to life than money.  My suggestion to the Federal Government, at this point, is to "let the market fall" and find, its own feet, again.  The primary problem with the market globally at this time, is that it is all a global happening, and that there is nothing particularly that anyone or any country can do about it, except let it happen.  The other primary problem is that it is no one's damn fault, and the USA cannot fix the world problem.

Number one suggestion.  Is that everybody, dump oil stocks, and get out of the oil and atomic energy business.  Too much costs to run, it, too much costs, to dispose of junk surrounding it, and too little total profits involved in the whole thing, when it is globally and locally swallowing the good nature of your own back yard, and besides that, nobody likes it.  Besides, the majority of problems, are catastrophic nature.  With the Global Shift, the previously frozen, unthaws, and causes a few earthquakes and a whole lot of new volcanoes.  The Oceanic Currents and the Wind Systems, have now also changed, and they are all different.

Read for more information.

Number two suggestion.  If China, a leader in solar powered cells, of photovoltaic types for hand held calculators and satellites, and the USA and CANADA, JAPAN, and FRANCE,
which all do this well, would start making a solar pack, of "everybody, buy self sufficient solar portable packs", then, this would end the primary one problem of "where does everybody" get energy, which keeps plagueing all markets."  Since Green Fuel, and Clean Fuel, is an in, and everyone is more or less saying, "yes, we want it, then sell it to them, and the will of the people is unstoppable, so give them solar power, and let them, thrive, instead of go broke".  Also, when times are tough, solar, is there, even if money is not.

Number three problem with the World Economy and Market, is that it hasn't worked, since before World War I.   It, (Economy & Money) is primarily an abstraction made from the minds of men, about how to do trade, and spy on each other, legally, by reading the stock market reports, to find out what everyone is doing.  Somewhere, in time, this got lost, as an idea, and stopped working.  Now, it really doesn't work.  Instead, if you have manpower, and materials, and no money, just do it.  That's what finally works.

Consider the problems currently causing all this.

Barter and trade is what you get when you do not have currency, pounds, yen, or seashells.

At Some point, whether you like the idea or not, a "socialist structure,  about some things" is necessary to get rid of the old debts and inequalities of the collapsing system.  You do not have to have a revolution to change all things.  However, consider, that the "SOCIALIZED MEDICAL SYSTEM OF CANADA" costs its taxpayers, 50% of their income, and they all get free medical coverage, anytime. rich or poor.  USA Gov says, it doesn't like socialized medicine.  Why not?  Consider American Taxes right now.  Americans pay 35% of their income for nothing of any Health Care in return, for rich or poor.  The Medicare and Social Security system promised to Americans, has been declared an "entitlement", and the elders and elderly, are saying "that those damn politicians, are trying to screw up our health care, again".  And they are right.

Even our elderly won't support the obama health care reform which is out to make us all criminals if we don't comply.  And no one wants another George Bush, idea, about get rid of Social Security so that the George Bush, Inc., can own, America's money.

Europeans and other nations, are threatening to block all the things of corruption on the internet, which will slow it down, just because the owner of the Web, which is the USA, will not enforce the internet.   At this point, between a potential and corrupt New World Order, and Waves of Economic Doom, nature's unleashed fury of storms, earthquakes and catastrophies, keeps the world of people, busier, surviving the torrents of the Planet.  Possibly, change will come in to being
in an instant, of the necessity to kick out the old economy ideas,
which have become like a "millstone", which interferes with a drowning Nation, trying to swim.

From this area, and further down, will be linked, other blogs and pieces of information, stating current and future conditions
prospects for the future economy.

August 2011

These start with Problems made by Nature
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Make your own change.  Governments have already shown you that they cannot change as fast as you can.  So, save your own bank roll, and go for it, with your best counsel and information.

Writtern as an update, on: January 27, 2011. Spokane, WA USA.

   ....New in January 2011, USA. this came into being, and the original was wiped out.  

The new information became this blog, now called: (unlinked here)


(this is a mini - summary of the first blog)  


Market Schmarket!  It's not your fault that the Housing Market schinks!    This has been brought about by stupid forces beyond your control.  Perk up there is hope!  (something like this was written in early October 2008).  It gave relief by stating how the market really works, by showing which months the market goes up in, and which months, the market sinks, mostly in relationship to the annual holidays.  Also it stated that it wasn't the fault of investors(which it turned out, was true). And that fortunately the market always goes down to rock bottom that it is going to get to, by October 31, any year and goes, up from there(which turned out to be true), and how lucky we all were that it was October 2008, when the Market decided to dive, because it always dives in October 2008, anyway( which also turned out to be true).  Three out of 3.  That ain't bad.  You schould read this guy's writings.   (Besides, his writings are funnier, most of the time, than Dr. Doom's.  Dr. Doom, is considered to be the US Government's Economic Forecaster.  I suppose you have figured it out, why Dr. Doom, has become the Economic Mascot of the US Congressional Fiscal Planning Committee.   This blog is not written by Dr. Doom.  Lucky for you, because if it was, it would not be as funny as any of this, is.)

So, remember these blogs, by RMFees.  Funny and True.  Most of the time.  However we all have days. 


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